Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl

Bundle Packs


Want to purchase a variety of colors and products by Siser? Try out our bundle deals! Colors are chosen at random based upon the most popular colors. Select the option that is best for you: Simple Pack - 4 Sheets of Glitter (20"x12") and...

Siser CADflex™ 20"


Siser CADflex™ Heat Transfer Vinyl Color Choices: Building Stock of Letters and Numbers has Never Been Easier! CADflex™ is a heat transfer vinyl with a non-stick carrier that makes it perfect for stocking up and storing athletic names, numbers ...

Siser EasyWeed Adhesive 12"


This material is specially designed for Our Crown Roll leaf Foil....

Siser EasyWeed™ Stretch 20"


Siser EasyWeed™ Stretch Heat Transfer Vinyl   Putting the “Performance” in Performance Wear Performance wear has met its match! We deliver all the benefits of EasyWeed™ combined with super stretchability into one remarkable heat transfe...

Siser VideoFlex® Glitter 15"


Please keep in mind that there are 2 types of glitters. The Videoflex glitter is very soft and dull while the glitter is very bright and sparkly. Most people prefer the other glitter (non-videoflex). Please call if you have any questions...

Siser VideoFlex® Moda 15"


Siser VideoFlex Moda Heat Transfer Vinyl Create the Latest Fashion Trends Create colorful fashion looks with today's trendiest shades, like Glossy Pink, Glossy Red, Transparent Glitter and Transparent films. This line of easy to use heat t...

Manager's Special 9" Siser Easyweed/Glitter Bundle


16 sheets of Siser Easyweed 9"x15"8 sheets of Siser Glitter 9"x20"Colors are selected at random!

Siser Pizza Box


SISER Pizza Box - Heat Transfer Vinyl Sample Book Have you ever struggled with the challenge of displaying or marketing Siser's amazing heat transfer vinyl products? Sometimes, simply having a photograph of the material on a roll or even a color char...

Heat Transfer Vinyl Remover


THE REMOVER IS A CHEMICAL THAT IS NOT ALLOWED TO TRAVEL BY AIR. IT MAY BE SHIPPED SEPARATELY FROM YOUR ORDER. $(document).ready(function() { $("#popup").fancybox({ 'width': '400px', 'height': '400px...

Siser® Weeder


Siser® Weeder After cutting your designs, quickly get rid of excess CAD material with this handy weeding tool. Recommended for all Siser® heat transfer materials and printable digital media. The Siser® weeder allows you to weed with...



Squeegee Smooth out your masking films and remove unwanted air bubbles with this handy plastic tool. Recommended for use with all Siser® printable digital materials. The Siser® squeegee removes trapped air and creates a bond between the mask and t...

Teflon® Sheet


If you only purchase one cover sheet, make sure it’s this one, the most popular cover sheet in the industry.  A Teflon® cover sheet protects your garment and the upper platen.  The Teflon® sheet is reusable and will give your image a semi-g...

2LB HTV Bundle


2 lbs of our scraps!

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